Compound Plasticizer

  1. Type:Compound Plasticizer
  2. Molecular:C20H37C13O3
  3. CAS NO:—–
  4. Applications:Better effect when applying with ATBC, DINP, DOP, DBP

Compound Plasticizer

Compound Plasticizer NAME: Compound Plasticizer
Compound Plasticizer Synonym:   C.P.E

Compound Plasticizer QUALITY STANDARD

ItemCompound Plasticizer
Standard  REACHFirst grade
Appearancetransparent oily liquid
Chroma(Pt-Co) #  ≤80~10030
Density (50℃)1.095~1.1251.03~1.120
Acidity(mgko H/g), ≤0.150.25
FlashPoint(without cover)180~190180~190
Ester %9797
Minimum flow temperature-5-5
Loss on drying(125°C2h)0.20.2
ToxicityGreen products,REACH certification SGS(RoHS,PAHs)certifications

Compound Plasticizer Application:

1. Better effect when applying with ATBC, DINP, DOP, DBP

2. Enhance the softness when applying in the Polyurethane area.

3. Shorten the blending time and improve the flexibility in the manufacturing process.

4. Easily soluble with PVC, excellent durability.

5. Same process condition when replacing DOP, 30%-50% substitution rate in wire and cable,door sealer, PU,etc.

Compound Plasticizer Features:

Compound Plasticizer is a kind of new product as plasticizer which could be used in the process of shaping and molding. CPE is a substitute for DOP and DBP as plasticizer which has excellent plasticizing effect with less toxicity, well compatible with compounds, low volatility.

Widely used in the various production areas such as textile, wire&cable,film,plastic granule,window&door sealer,hard transparent tube,panel,tile,shoes,foam materials,decorative materials,carpet,etc; also can be used as rubber softening agent.