environmental plasticizer diisononyl phthalate dinp 28553-12-0

diisononyl phthalate (dinp) casrn 28553-12-0 | iris | us ...

Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) CASRN 28553-12-0 | IRIS | US ...

Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) CASRN 28553-12-0 Status: Development of the diisononyl phthalate (dinp) (re)assessment has been discontinued.

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diisononyl phthalate - chemsec

Diisononyl phthalate - ChemSec

Diisononyl phthalate. ... Share. CAS Number. 28553-12-0. Name. Diisononyl phthalate. SIN Groups. Phthalates. Reason for inclusion on the SIN List. For DINP reprotoxic effects and effects on development have been reported and it is a suspected endocrine disruptor. ... Compared to urine, human breast milk contains relatively more of the ...

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diisononyl phthalate (dinp) | health & environmental ...

Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) | Health & Environmental ...

[More] Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP; CAS no. 68515-48-0) is a general-purpose plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride. It produced liver and kidney effects when given to rodents at high oral doses, but there were no target organ effects in primates treated under similar conditions.

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safety data sheet (sds) - hb chemical

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - HB Chemical

di-isononyl phthalate, 100% C.A.S. # 28553-12-0 EC-NO 249-079-5 REACH No. 01-2119430798-28-0000 4. First Aid Measures Inhalation: If symptoms develop, move victim away from exposure and into fresh air. Administer oxygen if breathing is difficult. Eyes: Flush eyes with water for 15 Min Call a physician if irritation develops.

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cas no. 28553-12-0

CAS No. 28553-12-0

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diisononyl phthalate (dinp) reference list

Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) Reference List

exposure to diisononyl phthalate (DINP) in children's product (80). U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. HERO ID: 791209, 9. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 2001. Report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by the Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel on diisononyl phthalate (DINP) Bethesda, MD: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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possible conditions of use (cou) tables for di-isononyl ...

Possible Conditions of Use (COU) Tables for Di-isononyl ...

Possible Conditions of Use (COU) Tables for Di-isononyl Phthalate (DINP) CAS Numbers: 28553-12-0 and 68515-48-0 . Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Results . Section 6(b) of the Toxic Substances Control Act requires that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, or “the Agency”) conduct risk evaluations on existing chemicals and identifies the

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di-‘isononyl’ phthalate (dinp) - echa

di-‘isononyl’ phthalate (DINP) - ECHA

registrant for CAS No 28553-12-0 has also submitted his dossier to ECHA in March 2010. Many other legal entities pre-registered DINP with a first registration deadline on 30 November 201010; however, it has to be noted that many legal entities informed ECHA already at pre-registration step that they were not intending to register the

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